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Boeing CT-43A BBJ

Boeing CT-43A (737-253 Adv) 73-1149

Boeing CT-43A (737-253 Adv) 72-0283

The USAF's Boeing 737-T43A version has made several visit's. Known examples are 73-1149 on 2nd February 1994, callsign 'Spar 43', plus 72-0283/HW on 9th May that year as 'Spar 84'. This aircraft also visited on several other occasions, including in 1990 - 15/3, 4/6, 6/7,11/10, 26/11 plus 18th May 1991 using the same callsign. On 12th October 1990 it visited using callsign 'Spar 76'.


Missions: VIP Transport

Manufacturer: Boeing

Aliases: T-43, C-22, C-40A, VC-96, 2X9 Surveiller, 737 Wedgetail

Background: The first 737 entered service in 1968. Since then, it has become the most prolific airliner in the world. Over 4,000 have been built and another 900+ are on backorder. Sales of the latest generation of 737 continue. The military of several countries use the 737 for VIP transport and other duties.

There are three basic designs and several variations of each design in the 737 family for a total of 14 deferent fuselage/wing combinations that have been produced by Boeing. This does not include modifications of the airframe for military purposes. The one common denominator among the designs and variations of the 737 is the fuselage, which itself varies in length. The main external deference between the three basic designs, is that each has a unique wing/engine configuration.