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United States Air Force Aero U-4B Commander 55-4647

The U-4B, an Air Force version of the L-26 Aero Commander, was used by President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1956 to 1960 for short trips. It was the smallest "Air Force One," and the first Presidential aircraft to have only two engines. The U-4B was also the first Presidential aircraft to carry the familiar blue and white paint scheme. After President Eisenhower left office the aircraft was used for transporting high-ranking government officials. On October 1, 1969 it was transferred to the Air Force Academy where it was used for cadet parachute training and the Academy's skydiving team. In November 1977 the U-4B was sent to the Nebraska Civil Air Patrol. It was obtained by the Museum from a private owner in 1996.


Span: 44 ft 1 in.
Length: 35 ft 5 in.
Height: 14 ft 9.5 in.
Weight: 4,300 lb (empty) 7,000 lb (loaded)
Armament: None
Engines: 2 Lycoming GSO 480-AiA6 of 340 hp. each
Cost: $98,750


Max Speed: 260 mph/225 knots
Cruising Speed: 230 mph/l99 knots
Service Ceiling: 24,300 ft
Range: 1,500 statute miles/1,300 nautical miles